Looking for a unique gift for parents or grandparents?  Figurines can be displayed like a portrait or brought out for special occasions.

They make great Christmas tree ornaments.

The 3" figurine will fit most Christmas scene displays, putting you in the celebration.

A Custom 3D Scanning Studio 

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Specials For The Latest Events

Want you and your spouse on your wedding cake?  Our wedding toppers (either individually or as a couple) provide a reminder of your special event from every angle.  

Our portable scanner can be set up at your reception to give you and your guests a solid reminder of your special day.

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Like a photograph, figurines record you as you are, all sides of you.

Looking for that personal touch to saying 'Your the best'?  Putting a figurine on a trophy or award base shows them they are not just one of the crowd.

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You bring the memories, we print them.


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